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  Profound Meditation Program 3.0 is a premium brainwave entrainment audio program, the only one of its kind endorsed by Ken Wilber. The creators of this program, iAwake Technologies, incorporate an impressive array of technologies to effect a full-bodied experience of meditative states. Not content with the usual entrainment modalities that typically target the brain […]

  Experience Brain Evolution System for 30 days for free. Right now the makers of this product is offering a 30-day Free Trial where you can try out the first module, FULL version (not a shortened version). Brain Evolution System is one of the best produced brainwave entrainment audio programs today.¬†Transcript:¬† Do you feel as […]

If you’re looking for a high quality brainwave entrainment software, you won’t be able to do better than the Neuro-Programmer 3. Folks at Transparent Corp. have developed a tool for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike. Righ now you can download a working version of the software for 2 weeks with no strings attached.   You […]

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