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  User of the Profound Meditation Program gives feedback on his experience. Skeptical at first, he later realized that PMP is not another cheap binaural beat audio floating around on the internet, but rather a complex multi-layered technology. His profound inner experience of “awake while asleep” state further made an impression and made him believe […]

  Michael Kelly, developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the program works. In order to appreciate and understand the technology behind Brain Evolution System, Michael provides a crash course on the history of brainwave entrainment. For those who are new to the subject, this is an excellent way to get a quick understanding […]

  This is a short beta brain wave session created using the Neuro-Programmer 3 software. The beta wave frequency range is from 12 to 27 hz, which is associated with alert, wide awake state. Neuro-Programmer 3, a powerful brainwave entrainment software that includes over 120 full-length built-in sessions right out of the box, and the […]

  The Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer from MindPlace is a sophisticated light and sound mind machine that provides the user a stunning Audio-Visual experience, including 255 shades of each color (red, green, blue). With Kasina, you can access deeply tranquil states quickly, perfect for relaxation and meditation.  Sessions include: Meditate, Rejuvenate, Night Voyage, Trance, Mind […]

  Hemi-Sync® is a brainwave entrainment technology developed by Robert A. Monroe,  who achieved world-wide recognition as a ground-breaking visionary and explorer of human consciousness. His pioneering research, beginning in the 1950s, led to the discovery that specific sound patterns can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness. For example, certain combinations of frequencies enhance […]

Super Learning is a Brain Sync MP3 designed to help improve memory, increase concentration, learn quicker and retain more. It features theta frequencies to guide your brian into hyper-receptive states and Brain Wave Sublimina messages to activate the unlimited power of your learning abilities. Precision-engineered frequencies are harmonically layered in soothing music. They guide your […]

  The Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Light & Sound Mind Machine is a great aid in inducing states of meditation, relaxation and dreaming. The Dream Weaver uses light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to help the user reach these and other interesting and beneficial states of consciousness. The effect is very much like the […]

  Enjoy a 10-minute brainwave entrainment session using alpha wave stimulation. The precisely configured alpha wave stimulation in this video was generated using Neuro-Programmer 3, a powerful software application that includes over 120 full-length built-in sessions right out of the box, and the capability to design and create your own sessions with unlimited possibilities.   […]

  The Unexplainable Store® offers more than 100 Binaural & Isochronic recordings covering categories such as Therapy Recordings, Health & Hygiene, Spiritual & Metaphysical, Money & Prosperity, Brain Function, Personal Development, and more. All recordings are professionally built in 320 Bitrate to preserve high quality, in CD or downloadable formats.   These are individual recordings, […]

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