Kasina Mind Machine – MindPlace Audio Visual Synthesizer: Review


The Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer from MindPlace is a sophisticated light and sound mind machine that provides the user a stunning Audio-Visual experience, including 255 shades of each color (red, green, blue). With Kasina, you can access deeply tranquil states quickly, perfect for relaxation and meditation.  Sessions include: Meditate, Rejuvenate, Night Voyage, Trance, Mind Art; however, you are allowed to create your own sessions, which is ideal for therspists. Kasina allows you to break undesirable states, such as anger and worry.


MindPlace Kasina AVS Mind Machine

MindPlace Kasina AVS

Additional capabilities include:

  • Access Altered States of Consciousness
  • Mood Shifter – Change Your Mind
  • Facilitate Accelerated Learning
  • Focus and Attention Trainer

The Kasina features a completely integrated MP3 Player, so there is no need for CD’s. It is easy to use, a Plug and Play Out of the Box tool that you can use right away.


Learn more about the MindPlace Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer


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