Deepak Chopra Explains How the Dream Weaver 2.0 Mind Machine Works


Deepak Chopra explains how the Dream Weaver 2.0 Light & Sound Mind Machine works by bringing the brainwave frequencies to a rate that is conducive to relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming, and other expanded states of awareness. Feedback from thousands of users have shown that the device has proven effective in reducing anxiety, improving sleep, achieving deeper states of meditation, and so on. Both for beginner and advanced meditators.


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In an article* written on the subject, Deepak describes how the Dream Weaver came to be:


Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver 2.0 Mind Machine“About two years ago I got interested in the idea that you could feed light pulses through the brain with your eyes closed and sound and music at a certain frequency. Your brain waves would dial into it and then you could dial the instrument down so that you would decrease the brain wave frequency from what it is normally in the waking state. And then you could slowly dial down the brainwave frequency to what it would be in the dream state, which is called theta, and then you even dial further down into delta.


“So I asked my friend Rudy Tanzi who’s the head of the genetics lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and also a neurologist, if we could try it out on a few people, and sure enough within 10, 15 minutes they go into the dream state. And a lot of them actually go into the sleep state. So we decided to release this as a device that could help people relax but also help people go into dream and sleep states–you know most people have to take pills for this. So we’ve been experimenting more and more and we’re going through some official trials, but people are having great responses–especially people who have difficulty doing meditation or relaxing.


“The more your mind is restful, the more you’re capable of dynamic activity. And you know the future is all kinds of biosensors, devices like this that not only sense what’s happening in your body but also give you feedback and tell you how to change your emotional and biological states.”


For people who have difficulty slowing down, this device is an effective tool for relaxation and meditation.  Even people who have been meditating for years have achieved deeper levels in their practice using the mind machine.

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 *source: Deepak Chopra on His Quest to Unite Technology, Spirituality and Success



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