The Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Light & Sound Mind Machine


The Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Light & Sound Mind Machine is a great aid in inducing states of meditation, relaxation and dreaming. The Dream Weaver uses light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to help the user reach these and other interesting and beneficial states of consciousness. The effect is very much like the relaxed and focused effects one gets from meditation, biofeedback/neurofeedback, Hindu Kirtan, Gregorian chanting, Hebrew davening, Tibetan prayer bowls, Native American drum circles and rain chants, Sufi chants and Whirling dervishes, and African trance dancing.


Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Mind MachineBenefits of using the Dream Weaver mind machine:

  • Jumpstart or deepen your existing meditation practice;
  • Increase your motivation and intuition;
  • Relax and sleep better;
  • Requires no previous knowledge or experience;
  • Enhanced by Deepak’s narration, original music, holographic sounds and a kaleidoscope of lights and colors;
  • And more

Some user reviews of the Dream Weaver:


“The Dream Weaver is worth every penny! I have used them the last two and a half days and have never felt so at peace or slept so good in years. They have helped me get to a new level. Thank-you Deepak!”  
~ Michelle


“I love this Dream Weaver. It seems as if I enjoy myself even more since listening/seeing this experience. The serenity, silence, feeling of timelessness is beyond words. What is even so much more wonderful is the enjoyment and calmer, more balanced feelings, actions and experience I have during my day’s activity. Also, I don’t remember my dreams but I sleep better and wake more refreshed which is great for me as I am a lifelong night person – allergic to mornings. Where I go Dream Weaver goes with me.”   
~ Dora, California


“I witnessed the clouds part before me to reveal blue skies with the sun brightly shining overhead. I found myself on a calm beach with crystal clear water and soothingly smooth little pebbles at foot. On a runway or race-track/ roller-coaster of sorts traveling very fast through a city of light. I even seemed to be visited by curious balls of light that just wanted to say hello.”  
~ John


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