Anahata – Bliss Infused Music for Opening the Heart


Anahata from iAwake Technologies’ Energy Alchemy Series contains very powerful subtle energy frequencies specifically designed to enhance consciousness, instill peace, lift mood, and assist conscious connection with deeper spiritual awareness.



Anahata – Bliss Infused Music

What is unique about the Energy Alchemy Series is that it contains NO brainwave entrainment, but rather a unique biofield technology so you DO NOT need headphones AND you can play it SILENTLY and still generate this powerfully positive field of subtle energy.


Listen to the beautiful music and chant of Anahata as your heart opens, fear and anxiety dissipates and you experience your larger, whole, loving Self.


Here are some of the features of Anahata:

  • 2 tracks (67 minutes total) of beautiful music and chant
  • A biofield technology formula designed to help you feel open-hearted, elated, open, safe, blissful, peaceful
  • Heart chakra opening
  • Support for greater loving self-awareness
  • Lessening of self-contraction
  • Preparation for releasing and letting go practice

Here’s an Anahata user review:

“A warm, gentle embrace. That may sound embellished, but it is not. It comes on subtly, but creates a very soothing comfort and sense of equanimity. That is only speaking to the energetic effects, though. The music is bliss. I don’t know where you found it, but (as is the case with WorldSpirit), these tracks are great simply as ambient/downtempo music for the soul.”
~ Jason Magnum


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