Profound Meditation Program 3.0 User Review


User of the Profound Meditation Program gives feedback on his experience. Skeptical at first, he later realized that PMP is not another cheap binaural beat audio floating around on the internet, but rather a complex multi-layered technology. His profound inner experience of “awake while asleep” state further made an impression and made him believe that this is truly the most powerful meditation tracks out there. Probably one of the reasons it is the only meditation tool endorsed by Ken Wilber, the renowned American philosopher considered to be the “Einstein of Consciousness.”


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Here are a few additional user testimonials:


Profound Meditation Program 3.0“My experience continues to be profound indeed! To say that I am completely in love with your product would be a vast understatement!”
~ Scott Lillich


“Now for the PMP demo. I did some preliminary pranayama and put on the track. I could hear the entrainment in the track, let go, and that was it. I was lead inexorably into states that I have previously glimpsed on many occasions, but in this instance i was bathing, swimming and feasting on these wonderful experiences.

“On my third listening, I experienced an amazing non dual type state of seeing/feeling the pure vibrating fabric of all things simply laid out around, through an infinite ME. In the past these kind of experiences where glimpsed briefly, whereas this was palpable and remained for a long time in rich detail.”
~ Francis


“Actually, the PM [Profound Meditation] tracks have been creating enormous amounts of outright bliss – deep bodily highs that seem to extend beyond my skin as if I am within a cloud of ecstasy. So, with that in mind, they have been treating me quite well, thank you.”
~ Steven Michael Hawley


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