How Level I (Transcendence) of Brain Evolution System Works


Michael Kelly, the developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the first level of the program, Transcendence, works to bring the brain into a relaxed state. The primary goal of this module is to acquaint you with your primary meditative ability, andi s the easiest of all the program modules to entrain to. As Michael explains, the Brain Evolution System is more than just a meditation or relaxation tool. Rather, it is a brain fitness program where you are being trained to have the ability to remain relaxed and stress-free even in challenging situations. In this regard, BrainEv is different from other brainwave entrainment programs.


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Here is a bit more information taken from the user manual:


Level I – Transcendence


Level I Map - Brain Evolution System


Level I plays an important role in preparing the listener for the dynamic entrainment arrangements featured throughout each level tht follows. Compared to the rest of the series, the entrainment frequencies in Level I are the easiest for the brain to entrain to – allowing your brain to acclimatize to the system before being introduced to the later levels.


The general focus of Level I is to acquaint you with your primary meditatie ability: that is, the ability to slow down rhythms of the body, release thoughts from distraction, and to simply relax. These meditative skills are important abilities to acquire as they help you get the most out of each session, while improving every facet of your life that requires patience and focus.


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