Developer Explains How the Brain Evolution System Works


Michael Kelly, developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the program works. In order to appreciate and understand the technology behind Brain Evolution System, Michael provides a crash course on the history of brainwave entrainment. For those who are new to the subject, this is an excellent way to get a quick understanding of the science and technologies behind achieving mental states through entrainment.


EEG Brainwaves After 15 Minutes of Using Brain Evolution System


Brain Evolution System EEG Brainwaves


The numbers (0-40 Hz) at the bottom of the graph  shows the brainwave frequencies. The ‘Before’ image on the left shows plenty of the agitated, anxious, faster beta frequencies, while the ‘After’ image on the right shows less of the beta frequencies and more of the slower alpha and theta waves. This indicates a much calmer, more relaxed, and deeper state of mind.


The Brain Evolution System is so effective that, in just six months of using the program, users are able to reach advanced states of mind and a level of performance that previously required years, even decades, of meditative practice and/or personal development work.


Curious to learn more? Check out the Brain Evolution System today and try out the first module FREE for 30 days.


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