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  Michael Kelly, the developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the first level of the program, Transcendence, works to bring the brain into a relaxed state. The primary goal of this module is to acquaint you with your primary meditative ability, andi s the easiest of all the program modules to entrain to. […]

  User of the Profound Meditation Program gives feedback on his experience. Skeptical at first, he later realized that PMP is not another cheap binaural beat audio floating around on the internet, but rather a complex multi-layered technology. His profound inner experience of “awake while asleep” state further made an impression and made him believe […]

  Michael Kelly, developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the program works. In order to appreciate and understand the technology behind Brain Evolution System, Michael provides a crash course on the history of brainwave entrainment. For those who are new to the subject, this is an excellent way to get a quick understanding […]

  Hemi-Sync® is a brainwave entrainment technology developed by Robert A. Monroe,  who achieved world-wide recognition as a ground-breaking visionary and explorer of human consciousness. His pioneering research, beginning in the 1950s, led to the discovery that specific sound patterns can have dramatic effects on states of consciousness. For example, certain combinations of frequencies enhance […]

  The Unexplainable Store® offers more than 100 Binaural & Isochronic recordings covering categories such as Therapy Recordings, Health & Hygiene, Spiritual & Metaphysical, Money & Prosperity, Brain Function, Personal Development, and more. All recordings are professionally built in 320 Bitrate to preserve high quality, in CD or downloadable formats.   These are individual recordings, […]

  Profound Meditation Program 3.0 is a premium brainwave entrainment audio program, the only one of its kind endorsed by Ken Wilber. The creators of this program, iAwake Technologies, incorporate an impressive array of technologies to effect a full-bodied experience of meditative states. Not content with the usual entrainment modalities that typically target the brain […]

  Experience Brain Evolution System for 30 days for free. Right now the makers of this product is offering a 30-day Free Trial where you can try out the first module, FULL version (not a shortened version). Brain Evolution System is one of the best produced brainwave entrainment audio programs today. Transcript:  Do you feel as […]

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