Beta Brain Waves (10 min.) Using Neuro-Programmer 3 Software


This is a short beta brain wave session created using the Neuro-Programmer 3 software. The beta wave frequency range is from 12 to 27 hz, which is associated with alert, wide awake state. Neuro-Programmer 3, a powerful brainwave entrainment software that includes over 120 full-length built-in sessions right out of the box, and the capability to design and create your own sessions with possibilities limited only by your imagination.


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Beta Brain Waves


Beta Brain Waves


Research studies have shown that stimulation of the beta brain wave has been associated with:


  • Verbal/Reading Skills – improvement in grade reading level after 2 weeks (Joyce M. et all. Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) program as a treatment for behavior disorders in a school setting. J Neurother, 2000)
  • Academic Achievement – mean GPA went up .62 points in semester following beta brainwave stimulation compared to reduction of .22 point in the control group (Budzynski et al. Academic performance entrainment with photic stimulation and EDR feedback. J Neurother, 1999)
  • Reduced fatigue – 34% reduction in feelings of fatigue after 7 weeks of beta wave stimulation. (Howard CE et al. A comparison of methods for reducing stress among dental students.)
  • Attention/Focus – 81% improvement on WSC-3 freedom from distractibility scales compared to no significant changes in the control group. (Patrick GJ. Improved neurological regulation in ADHD: An application of 15 sessions of photo-driven EEG neurotherapy.)


To learn more about the beta brain waves and the fascinating research, check out the infographic below.


Beta Brain Waves Infographic


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