Super Learning – Brainwave Entrainment Session (10 min.) [Brain Sync]

Super Learning is a Brain Sync MP3 designed to help improve memory, increase concentration, learn quicker and retain more. It features theta frequencies to guide your brian into hyper-receptive states and Brain Wave Sublimina messages to activate the unlimited power of your learning abilities.

Precision-engineered frequencies are harmonically layered in soothing music. They guide your brain activity into a hyper-receptive state, where trigger phrases and key words are received by the subconscious. As both hemispheres of the brain move into perfect balance, frustrating mental blocks dissolve. You enter a flow state of relaxed awareness where new information is easily absorbed and stored in long-term memory.

When you need to study, cram, or sharpen your concentration for peak mental performance, Super Learning is the sound solution.  Learn more

Some user reviews:
“This product is amazing. I am a student and memory was my biggest obstacle. It was always difficult for me to remember things on regular basis. My recall was weak. Thanks to this product I am improving tremendously.”
– Pluto N.

“Dear Kelly, I almost forgot to thank you! I listened to this CD nonstop for months during studying session for graduate school. I was having trouble focusing and retaining information. I don’t even have to listen anymore. I get consistently great scores on tests and absolutely love learning. Thanks so much!”
– Carissa

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