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An excellent review of the Kasina Mind Machine, aka MindPlace Kasina Mind Media System, with an unpacking to let you see what is included in the package and a demonstration of the main features. MindPlace is the leading manufacturer of Light & Sound Mind Machines since 1988. The Kasina is their latest and most mature offering.

  This is a user review of the Neuro-Programmer 3, a popular brainwave entrainment software from Transparent Corp. Brandon, who has been using these kinds of technologies for 7 years (as of the tiime he was making this video), provides a comprehensive review of his experience using the software and why it has become an […]

  Michael Kelly, the developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the first level of the program, Transcendence, works to bring the brain into a relaxed state. The primary goal of this module is to acquaint you with your primary meditative ability, andi s the easiest of all the program modules to entrain to. […]

  This video shows the light lens of the KASINA Mind Machine in conjunction with appropriate visualization intentions (Meditation, Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Night Voyage, Trance, Mind Art) and offers a brief impression of their performance. (Note: the sound quality of the video is not as good as it should be. The audio is much better with […]

  Deepak Chopra explains how the Dream Weaver 2.0 Light & Sound Mind Machine works by bringing the brainwave frequencies to a rate that is conducive to relaxation, meditation, lucid dreaming, and other expanded states of awareness. Feedback from thousands of users have shown that the device has proven effective in reducing anxiety, improving sleep, […]

  Anahata from iAwake Technologies’ Energy Alchemy Series contains very powerful subtle energy frequencies specifically designed to enhance consciousness, instill peace, lift mood, and assist conscious connection with deeper spiritual awareness.   What is unique about the Energy Alchemy Series is that it contains NO brainwave entrainment, but rather a unique biofield technology so you […]

  User of the Profound Meditation Program gives feedback on his experience. Skeptical at first, he later realized that PMP is not another cheap binaural beat audio floating around on the internet, but rather a complex multi-layered technology. His profound inner experience of “awake while asleep” state further made an impression and made him believe […]

  Michael Kelly, developer of the Brain Evolution System, explains how the program works. In order to appreciate and understand the technology behind Brain Evolution System, Michael provides a crash course on the history of brainwave entrainment. For those who are new to the subject, this is an excellent way to get a quick understanding […]

  This is a short beta brain wave session created using the Neuro-Programmer 3 software. The beta wave frequency range is from 12 to 27 hz, which is associated with alert, wide awake state. Neuro-Programmer 3, a powerful brainwave entrainment software that includes over 120 full-length built-in sessions right out of the box, and the […]